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Senior SEO Specialist.
12 Yrs Experience helping businesses of all sizes, including world-renowned brands. I speak English & French, and work with business owners, marketing directors, and their teams.

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Ready to invest in quality SEO? The type that actually increases traffic and sales?

You’ve built a great ecommerce store. You’ve spent hours tirelessly promoting your business. But you're still not getting any Google love?

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Why me?

For starters, I get solid results for my clients. And by results, I mean top-of-page-1 rankings for highly competitive keywords or search terms.

I've also got over a decade of full-time SEO experience (since 2008). I can't even sum up the hundreds of keywords and pages I've ranked in the top spots in Google!

Fortune 500 companies & multi billion dollar companies such as Adobe, Corel Corperation, and Canva have worked with me on their SEO. I've also worked extensively with award-winning marketing agencies serving the most competitive industries on the planet.

Thanks to all these years of experience, I know exactly how to implement a winning SEO strategy. One that will drive more traffic and revenue for your ecommerce business.

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Why hire me for your ecommerce SEO?

Hiring an SEO specialist may be one of the most important decision you make for your ecommerce business. But you must consider their reputation, their credibility, and most importantly, whether or not they'll actually get you the results you want.

How to know which one to hire?

For starters, if there's no proof, no testimonials, and nothing clear about their experience, don't hire them. Also, if an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Now let's assume that you've shortlisted a reputable and experienced consultant. The next step is to get on a call with them.

During the initial meeting, make sure to present your company or project, explain what you'd like to achieve, and ask as many questions as possible.

You want to get a feel on whether the consultant is a good fit for your company and project. Having this conversation will also help the consultant decide whether your project is a good fit for their methodology.

This is precisely how I'd recommend engaging with my services.

Book a free consultation with me by clicking on any of the buttons on this page. We'll schedule a moment to discuss your project and see if we're a good fit to work together.

Is SEO really important for an ecommerce store?

Think about it this way: Your offer can be great, but if nobody ever takes notice, you won’t sell anything. That’s why any type of traffic source is key, including SEO traffic.

The interesting thing about SEO is it can bring you all the traffic you need, making paid ads and social media “optional” traffic channels.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about them, but it’s no longer a matter of survival. It’s simply a matter of not leaving money on the table.

One thing I know is my clients tend to sleep better knowing organic traffic is coming in daily, regardless of whether they invest or not in any other form of marketing.

Having your ecommerce website optimized for search engines is therefore crucial for creating a solid foundation to build upon.
So yes. SEO is very important for your store.

But there's a myriad of ways to mess up your SEO. I'd even go ahead and say that ecommerce SEO is one of the toughest forms of SEO in existence today.

So what's an ecommerce site to do for better SEO?

First piece of advice:

I know this may sound counter intuitive, but don't focus on search engines. Instead, focus on your audience. Focus on the hungry shoppers looking to buy the products you offer.

By adopting a user-focused approach, you'll never lose sight of what's truly important: serving your customers to the best of your ability.

As an ecommerce owner or manager, it's crucial to make sure everything you do leads to a better shopping experience.


A better shopping experience will improve your store's conversion rate, and produce a better ROI on all your marketing efforts.

Want a better ROI from your paid ads? Want a better ROI from your SEO efforts? Offer a stellar user experience to your audience. Make them love shopping in your store.

The beauty of doing this is search engines will pick up on the positive shopping experience in your store, and push you higher in the search engine result pages. It's a win-win on all fronts.

Anything else you'd recommend?
Why yes. Glad you asked :)

Getting all your category and product pages optimally indexed in the search engines is undoubtedly the most important next step. So make sure there's nothing preventing your "key" ecommerce pages from being optimally indexed (included) in the search engine pages.

Not sure what to look at? Get in touch and I can help you figure this out.

I'll identify any issues or roadblocks that may be hurting your ecommerce store's SEO performance. Then offer actionable recommendations to resolve these issues, and drive in more shoppers from the search engines.

What about keywords? Are they important?

Absolutely. Using the correct keywords on both your product and category pages is crucial for success.

Make sure you're using keywords that:
1 - target the correct type of audience (potential customers),
2 - and have the highest potential to drive in more traffic & sales.

Once you're 100% sure you've selected the right keywords, it's time to get into the meat & potatoes of SEO. It's time to rank those keywords on page 1 in the search engines.

Easier said than done obviously :)

But still easy for an experienced SEO specialist. So don't hesitate to get in touch if you're stuck with your keywords, and don't know how to push them to the top of the search engines. And of course, if you need help selecting the right keywords, I'd be happy to help.

My expertise spans across numerous ecommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, and more.

Apply for a free consultation below, and we'll schedule a call to discuss your ecommerce site's SEO strategy.

What my clients say about my SEO services

Excellent SEO specialist who works to deadlines, is meticulous with his communications and gets great results.

Would highly recommend.

Chandrashan P.

CEO, Nebula Health
It's great to have you on top of our SEO strategy.

Results are looking good for sure.

Glenn P.

General Manager, K9 Carts
Jean is one of the best consultants we've had the pleasure working with.

He's professional, adheres to all deadlines, and is extremely flexible.

Dmitriy S.

Marketing Manager, WC Shipping
Jean was extremely helpful. He did a great job and allowed us to make tremendous progress in SEO. We saved a lot of time thanks to his know-how and expert advice. The communication was clear and simple, and he never failed to explain what may seem complicated to a non-expert. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help in SEO.

Suzanna U

Executive, GEG Tech

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