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SEO for Real Estate Agents

The explosive growth of Google and other search engines has changed everything about how consumers find and research real estate. As a result, SEO has become the cornerstone of any successful real estate marketing strategy.

Savvy agents who use this to their advantage generate a lot more sales and transactions.

But, as many business owners have learned, getting a website up and running is just the beginning. You then need to drive in traffic from your target audience, then convert that traffic into leads and sales.

There are all sorts of tips available online for boosting organic traffic on a real estate website. Yet, so many of them are about improving the content and appearance of your website, which is probably the least important route to success.

In reality, there's nothing fancy about real estate SEO. It's as simple as hiring an experienced SEO expert, and agreeing on which keywords you'd like to target.

The SEO specialist will then have the responsibility of pushing your website to the top spots in Google for these keywords.

Why is SEO important for real estate businesses?

I’m glad you asked.

In real estate, it's always better to be on top than on the bottom.

Being in the spotlight in your local area is the most effective pillar to making more sales.

That's where SEO becomes important. Ranking your website in the top spots in Google will immediately make you stand out from the crowd.

Potential customers will not only have an easier time trusting an agent who's ranked on page 1, they'll also be 1 click away from discovering your offers or listings.

The best part is almost nobody goes past page 1 in Google, so you'll be among the a select group of agents dominating your target market.

How savvy real estate agents benefit from SEO

Most real estate businesses have a website, but very few have a solid SEO strategy that ensures the site is getting traffic from Google.

That's precisely where savvy real estate agents take advantage of the situation.

The real estate industry has changed a lot in the recent years. Potential customers flock every single day to Google to actively search for properties.

The agents who not only recognize the important of SEO, but also up their SEO game, tend to gain a lot more market share. That's what continuous exposure does to a business.

If your real estate site is at the top of Google day in and day out, there's no way your audience can miss you. And even if they don't do business with you today, they know you exist, and may return in the future.

However, if your business is not visible on the keywords your audience is searching, you're missing out on a huge potential of exposure.

And that's specifically how I can help. If you don't know where to start, or require a seasoned SEO expert to get you to the top of page 1, get in touch with me.

What my clients say

Excellent SEO specialist who works to deadlines, is meticulous with his communications and gets great results.

Would highly recommend.

Chandrashan P.

CEO, Nebula Health
It's great to have you on top of our SEO strategy.

Results are looking good for sure.

Glenn P.

General Manager, K9 Carts
Jean is one of the best consultants we've had the pleasure working with.

He's professional, adheres to all deadlines, and is extremely flexible.

Dmitriy S.

Marketing Manager, WC Shipping
Jean was extremely helpful. He did a great job and allowed us to make tremendous progress in SEO. We saved a lot of time thanks to his know-how and expert advice. The communication was clear and simple, and he never failed to explain what may seem complicated to a non-expert. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help in SEO.

Suzanna U

Executive, GEG Tech

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